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How’s your workplace?

Stressed, can’t keep up with the changes, take it home, grind the mind, can’t sleep. Energy slumps in the afternoon affecting team energy and production? Change of season, winter time staff all down with the flu? Holidays spent in recovery?


Mindful, calm, kind, energized, vital, happy, healthy, fun, productive, engaging, supportive, communicative, sought after as THE workplace to place be?

Fiona’s background experience in Naturopathy and Wellbeing offers Selfcare workshops for corporate businesses and organisations, families, and parenting groups.

How do you look after yourself, your family, your work colleges, your clients, customers and your business or organisation, for less stress and greater calm, productivity and wellbeing, less days off spent in recovery?

When we are on the run, stressed, perhaps in a fight flight mode, this may eventually lead burn out, and spill over into our home and personal lives. Self -regulation and self -management comes through understanding the experience and benefits of self -care, to get more juice out of your day, to be filled up for others, to be able to give freely, calmly, steadfastly with greater ease, to experience greater productivity with less time spent in timeout, feeling down, anxious, not coping, and less sick days off work.

Taking care workshops offer interactive guidelines for healthy diet, the role good nutrition plays in our sustenance, rest and napping, exercise, connection and sociability, mindfulness, and self-care planning in the workplace.

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